You are not a warrior

=begin #rant

warrior: noun (esp. in former times) A brave or experienced soldier or fighter.

I’ve become partial towards people who proclaim themselves warriors in the gym or wear shirts claiming that they are. And the gyms that refer to their ‘athletes’ as some breed of warrior (Spartan, Gladiator, etc). Last time I checked, working out to exhaustion/puking does not qualify you as such. Running an ironman triathlon doesn’t qualify you either.

Having a weapon pointed at you, does.

Calling yourself a warrior trivializes those who really are – the military and law enforcement. If the only opponent you’ve ever had to face is yourself or a barbell, you don’t qualify for the title – sorry.

Think of it in mid-evil terms, imagine a squire calling himself a ‘warrior’ because he sweat half to death preparing everything for battle. The knights would simply laugh at him.

However, if you call yourself a warrior in jest, we’re cool.

=end #rant

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