Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm – Initial Impressions

My initial impression – It’s very nice. It’s first 300 rounds fired with no malfunctions. I was using Federal 115 grain FMJ and at a distance between 10-20 yards, it’s a hell of a lot more accurate than I’ll ever be. The stock three dot sights are great for providing a good sight picture and the adjustable grips allow for a good fit – although, I think I’ve gotten used to my Glock as I felt like I was missing that “hump” that everyone is familiar with on Glocks. As is with most 9mm handguns, the recoil was manageable – negligible when comparing to much larger calibers. One thing that really impressed me was the magazines (which are made by Mecgar (If I’m not mistaken). They’re solid – and the round indicator is great – especially taking into account that they’re on both sides of the magazines.

One thing I did learn is that I’m having a tough time dealing with my grip. When I relax my grip, my shots are dead on as my trigger control improves. However, in doing so it seems that I cannot manage the recoil. Seems like I need to allot more dry fire time or seek someone to help me out >.<

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