Shootings Happen Where Guns are Banned

It’s happened and is happening time and time again. The location of active shooters is on grounds where firearms and other weapons are not allowed. As you can witness in the video (linked here) of the school board shooting here in Panama City, Florida, a man goes crazy with all intentions of dying and the only person who managed to deal with the situation was the security guard – albeit late. Luckily the man was a shitty shot and noone was hurt.

I wonder how long before the laws start to change. If you look at all the massive shootings or attempts that have happened in recent years and look at where they’ve occurred, the victims had no means of defending themselves as outlined by the law.

To name a few:
Virginia Tech
Fort Hood Shooting
and now, Panama City Schoolboard

When even your own military is gimped and disrespected by not allowing them to carry a sidearm while ON BASE, I believe there’s something wrong with the laws. I’m sure we’re now going to see a ‘need to install security measures such as checkpoints at all school board meetings’ because of one dude that snapped.

To be honest, it’s probably a good thing the guy had a gun. Who knows what would have happened if he had wielded some type of sword…

And on a side note, if the video is true to itself – the police swat response to this incident was nothing short of pathetic, considering I only saw one officer running in with something bigger than a handgun.

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